Unlike other warranties, the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty protects you against all damages or malfunctions that occur to the main components that keep the car running, which includes the parts and the subparts of the engine and transmission. If repairs are ever necessary, the dealership will pay up to the fair market value of your vehicle per claim for as long as you own the car. 


Continue reading to learn the advantages of having a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

The Pros of Having a Warranty

Your Investment Is Protected

There is something special about driving off the lot in your newly purchased car knowing that whatever happens down the road, your investment is already protected. While buying a pre-owned car used to be considered risky, a powertrain warranty removes a great deal of stress over how a previous owner cared for and maintained the car. 

More Motivation to Maintain Your Investment

The only requirement to keeping your lifetime warranty active is to follow a routine maintenance schedule as outlined by your car manufacturer. The best way to keep a car running at peak performance for years to come is to take care of routine maintenance such as changing fluids and completing annual inspections. This warranty will act as a reminder to help you stay on top of these very important tasks. 

It’s Complimentary

You were planning on buying a pre-owned car anywyay, so why not buy from a dealership that offers complimentary Lifetime Powertrain Warranties too? At Matthews Motors Wilmington, if a car is either 5 years old or newer or has less than 80,000 miles then it automatically qualifies for the warranty at no additional cost to you.

Covers Repairs Anywhere In the Country 

You may be wondering what the catch might be but really this warranty reflects our culture of transparency. While we would love for you to schedule repairs at our service center, you are by no means required to do so. If you decide to move, the warranty is effective anywhere within the United States. 

Secure Your Lifetime Powertrain Warranty in Wilmington, NC

Our team at Matthews Motors Wilmington is ready to help find the perfect car and warranty for you. We have a growing inventory of used cars for sale in Wilmington, NC. Contact us today or drop by our dealership to schedule your next test drive.