As you consider New Year’s plans and resolutions, resolve to address these tasks on your car maintenance checklist. Continue reading to learn more. 

Car Maintenance Checklist

Monitor and Replace Your Fluids

So much of your car’s ability to operate safely and at peak performance relies on a variety of fluids including oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. Maintaining healthy levels of these fluids requires routinely cleaning or replacing the corresponding filters, topping off or changing fluids as they deplete, and inspecting the fluid lines for signs of leaks or damage. 


Now is the perfect time to schedule a routine inspection so that a technician can inspect or change these fluids so you can drive into the new year with confidence.

Schedule a Tire Inspection

The health of your tires is important regardless of the season, but especially during the winter months since your ability to safely navigate slick, icy roads is directly tied to adequate tread and tire pressure. 


If the tread of your tires has depleted, it may be time to invest in a new set. If they appear to have some mileage in them, it is still important to schedule a tire inspection so a trained eye can examine your tires for damage, rotate your tires to extend their usefulness, and align your wheels to improve handling. 

Invest in a Fresh Start

Maintaining a clean car isn’t about vanity — it’s about protection. Salt, dirt, and grime from winter roads will build up on your car’s exterior which leads to the wearing down of the topcoat and will even lead to rust in the undercarriage of your car. Salt also has a way of coating exterior lights which makes them dull and less effective. 


Put a car wash on your to-do list this month so you can enjoy a fresh, clean start. Once the car is clean, be sure to apply a wax to protect your car from further buildup. 

Schedule Service in Wilmington, NC

If you’re ready to start the new year off right, schedule service at Matthews Motors Wilmington. We offer a variety of car maintenance services in Wilmington, NC. Take advantage of any of our available service coupons so you can tackle these maintenance tasks today.