If you’re ready to sell your current car to afford a well-deserved upgrade, consider a trade instead. Trading in your current vehicle for a new ride is an excellent way to finance your next car. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why You Should Trade-In Your Vehicle

View Your Quote Almost Instantly

Selling your car independently is a headache. Many interested buyers are unwilling to pay what your car is worth which means added work and less profit for you. 

With our Value Your Trade tool, you can find the current market value for your car with two simple steps in less than ten seconds. Once you know your market value, you can seek out a written appraisal so that we can place an official offer on your car. With our Trade In, Trade Up Promotion, we’ll offer $1,000 more than the competition, including buyers like Carmax®

Not only is this process painless and easy, it gives you the most bang for your buck. 

Take Out a Smaller Loan

Put the proceeds of your trade-in to good use by placing a larger down payment on your next car. Not only will this lessen the amount of money you’ll need to finance, it may give you a better interest rate, lower your monthly payments, or shorten the term of your loan. 

In summation, a larger down payment equals more flexibility in your financing options so take advantage of this option now and enjoy the benefits later. 

Upgrade Your Ride

Another benefit of having a larger down payment is the excitement of having a larger number of vehicles to choose from. Cars that may not have been within reach before can now certainly become a possibility. 

Using the proceeds of your trade in along with our available financing options, you could be well on your way to driving home in your next dream car. 

Trade-In Your Vehicle in Wilmington NC

Take advantage of all the financing options we have to offer at Matthews Motors Wilmington. We have an impressive inventory of pre-owned cars for sale in Wilmington, NC. Give us a call to learn more or drop by our dealership to schedule a test drive.