Now that fall has officially arrived, it’s time to make sure your car is prepped and ready for the dropping temperatures ahead. We’ve put together a guide to fall service full of seasonal advice.

Fall Car Service Tips

Consider the Health of Your Tires

As we transition into this new season, take this opportunity to closely examine the health of your tires. Do your tires have enough tread to maintain traction on slick roads? When was the last time you had your tires rotated or your wheels aligned? Are your tires properly inflated? 

As the temperature outside your tires cools, the air inside your tires will compress which lowers the tire pressure. Keep a pressure gauge on hand and check from time to time. This will help to ensure you can maintain traction on slick road conditions from frost, rain, or fog. 

Give the Heat a Test Run

While it may seem a bit premature to start running the heat in these mild temperatures, having your heating and HVAC systems inspected now will ensure you won’t have to shiver your way to work once the intolerable temperatures arrive. 

Crank the heat in your car for a few minutes to make sure it works as expected. Just to be sure, request for a technician to double check the heating components to see that everything is in working order during your next inspection.

Replace any Dim or Dying Lights

Fall means shorter days, which in turn means you may be driving to or from work in the dark. Having clear visibility of the road ahead will help to protect you from collisions with other cars, wildlife, or students waiting at the bus stop. 

Be sure to check every exterior light including headlights, brake lights, fog lights, and turn indicators. This will ensure you have full visibility and will help other cars know that you are there. 

Schedule Your Next Service in Wilmington, NC

Schedule service today at Matthews Motors Wilmington and drive into fall with confidence. We will confirm that your car is ready for the cooler seasons ahead. Give us a call or drop by our dealership to learn more. Be sure to take advantage of any service specials we have available.