A CARFAX One-Owner Vehicle is simply a car, truck, or SUV that has only been driven by a single owner. There are several perks to buying a one-owner vehicle as opposed to buying a car that has been passed between multiple owners. 


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What Are the Benefits of Buying a CARFAX One-Owner Vehicle? 

It implies better quality

There’s something alluring about owning a slightly used car rather than a car that has been driven by several previous owners. CARFAX One-Owner Vehicles are in high demand — so much so that dealerships will often offer a search option and perks such as an extended warranty or special financing options specifically for them. 


Why are they so attractive to potential car buyers? A car previously owned by only a single driver implies better quality and lower mileage. If a car was owned by a single driver, it may be a newer model than a car that has sold and resold multiple times. It may also mean that the car is in better condition or more reliable than a car that was rapidly resold to someone else before returning to a dealership.

There is more transparency

In the interest of selling a car quickly, a previous car owner may be less inclined to disclose issues he might be experiencing with the car, which could lower the car’s value or force him to make costly repairs before selling. 


Buying a one-owner vehicle from a pre-owned car dealership in this case is especially appealing since the dealership will complete a thorough inspection, which will be included in the CARFAX report. The more transparency you can get into the maintenance history of a used car, the better your car-buying experience will be.

It protects your investment

Buying a lightly used car is also a wise financial decision. Most of the depreciation in a car’s value occurs in the first five years of a car’s life. By buying a used car, you are able to stretch your budget and consider models you couldn’t afford new. It also protects your investment from the steepest slope of depreciation. With advances in car technologies, cars are lasting much longer than they used to, which limits the risk in buying a lightly used car. 

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