Buying a teenager their first car is always a fun experience, but it can also be very stressful. When shopping for a car for your teen, you want to ensure you’re picking a high-quality car that isn’t just affordable, but also efficient, reliable, and safe. Below are just a few of our recommendations for the best used cars for teens.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry sedan is an excellent vehicle option for a first-time teen driver. Toyota cars are known for their excellent performance and handling, as well as their high safety ratings, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your teen is protected on the road. In addition to this, the Camry has excellent gas mileage, so it won’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up the gas tank, making it ideal for drivers with part-time jobs.

Honda Civic

Honda cars are extremely reliable and long-lasting, and the Civic is no exception. This beloved, world-famous sedan has great gas mileage, a high-quality build, an impressive safety rating, plus so much more. Because Honda vehicles last for such a long time, your teen driver may be driving their Civic well into adulthood thanks to its incredible durability. Finally, the Civic is iconic and instantly recognizable, meaning you or your teen will be behind the wheel of one of the world’s most beloved and well-known daily drivers.

Kia Sportage

If you want your teen to have a more spacious vehicle, why not go with an SUV, such as the Kia Sportage? The Sportage comes with plentiful cargo space as well as comfortable seating that’s great for your teen if they like to take trips with their friends. It’s also built specifically to handle rough terrain and harsh road conditions, such as snow, sleet, and ice, making it a great companion in wintertime.

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