Before you sell your vehicle, it’s important to spend just a few minutes preparing it, ensuring that it looks at its best before you show it off to buyers. Doing so can make your sales process go much smoother, and potentially help you increase your profits.


The question is, what are the important steps to take when preparing used cars for sale? Here are a few suggestions from the team at Matthews Motors Wilmington:


Preparing Used Cars for Sale


1) Make it nice and clean.


In order to enhance the appeal of your car, you’ll want to make sure it looks as nice, neat, and new as possible. We’d recommend a good, thorough washing, potentially from a professional auto detailer. You might even consider having your vehicle waxed. Also be sure not to forget about your vehicle’s interior; vacuuming the inside of your car can go a long way towards increasing its appeal.


2) Consider some minor upgrades.


Even tiny upgrades, such as new floor mats or seat covers, can enhance the feel of your vehicle, making it more enticing to potential buyers. Additionally, many of these little upgrades are easily affordable, meaning you won’t be cutting into your profits too much with them.


3) Attend to basic maintenance.


Before you attempt to sell your vehicle, make sure it has clean oil and filters, and that the tires have been rotated. Some minor vehicle maintenance will demonstrate that you’ve been a responsible owner, keeping the car in reasonably good condition.


4) Gather the paperwork.


When you sell your vehicle, you’ll naturally need to pass along all of the relevant documentation. Assemble it in advance, ensuring you’re ready for the transaction. Specifically, you should be sure to find the title, any liens on the vehicle, and any recent vehicle maintenance records. You should also be prepared to furnish buyers with a vehicle history report, if they ask for it.


Learn More About Selling Your Car


As you consider your options for selling, think not only about private buyers, but also about trading your car to our dealership. We’d love to tell you more about the trading and sales processes here at Matthews Motors Wilmington. Contact us to ask any questions, or to find out more about our used cars for sale in the Wilmington area.