Considering shopping for used vehicles in Wilmington, NC? You could be supporting the environment by doing so.

Whether you’re looking for a hot deal or want to go green for your next vehicle purchase, checking the inventory and price ranges at local used car lots and used car dealerships is always a great idea. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit and support the environment by shopping with the best car dealership in Wilmington.

How Is Shopping For Used Cars Wilmington A Greener Alternative To Buying New?

Shopping used has many benefits — especially if you’re looking to lower your environmental impact.

You’ll Reduce Manufacturing Strain

When vehicles are produced, unavoidable emissions and consumption occur as a result. By purchasing used, you prolong the life of the vehicles that are currently in circulation — which also reduces the environmental strain that the manufacturing process can cause.

You’ll Reduce Waste

CNET estimates that about 10 million cars are sent to the landfill each year in the United States alone. By purchasing used cars, you help reduce waste and the subsequent emissions created when cars are sent to the landfill, which can unnecessarily tax the environment.

Is The Fuel Economy Really “Better” On Older Cars?

If you’re considering buying used cars in Wilmington, NC, you might wonder if you’re investing in a vehicle that consumes less fuel since it’s older. While this isn’t typically the case, you are creating a great deal of good by reducing emissions and the demand for raw materials that would come from buying a new car — making it a worthwhile tradeoff for many.

Looking For Used Vehicles Wilmington, NC?

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