If you’re in the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle, there are plenty of used cars in Wilmington that make excellent options, including the used Nissan Altima for sale in Wilmington. As you prepare to visit a car dealership in Wilmington, have this 10-Point Checklist on hand to make shopping at used car dealerships easier and help ensure that you find the best option at the best price.


Choosing the Best Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles at Local Used Car Dealerships

Having a checklist provides a baseline to make the car shopping and purchasing process more straightforward. This list includes aspects to check and gauge potential vehicle options. (You can see a more in-depth list here.) Your new vehicle options should meet specific standards. The dealership should work with you to repair any issues if they don’t. Your 10-Point Checklist includes the following:


  • The interior is in excellent condition
  • The vehicle doesn’t have strange interior or exterior smells
  • All aspects of the electrical system are in working order
  • The vehicle doesn’t make strange sounds or vibrations during a test drive
  • The exterior is free of visible damage
  • The vehicle isn’t leaking fluids (check the ground where it was parked)
  • The vehicle has an available and clean history report
  • The vehicle shows signs of proper alignment during a test drive
  • There isn’t smoke coming from the vehicle at any point (not to be confused with condensation during cold weather start-up)
  • The mileage is within an acceptable range for a pre-owned vehicle and under 100,000 miles


Working With Your Local Car Dealership in Wilmington

Once you find your dream vehicle, the dealership should make every effort to ensure that it’s in the best shape before you drive it away from their lot. If you have any minor cosmetic repairs that you want to be done, be sure to address them with your sales associate so they can bring in an associate from the body shop to ensure your new vehicle is up to your standards.


If they are not willing to perform repairs, you should move on to another vehicle or if you have your heart set on it, ask if they should be willing to negotiate the price instead.


If you’ve been searching for “used vehicles for sale near me,” we have plenty of quality pre-owned options in excellent condition that will provide you with a reliable driving experience for years to come. Visit us today at Matthews Motors of Wilmington to see our excellent pre-owned vehicles in person and schedule your test drive.