Caring for your vehicle is a year-long responsibility, but October allows vehicle owners to focus on their rides with car care month. The service department at local used car dealerships can help you keep the used car for sale that you found in excellent condition during this time of year. Here are some tips for keeping used cars for sale in great shape through car care month.

Prepping for Car Care Month

Keep Up on Your Oil Change

Your vehicle’s engine needs to be properly lubricated in order to run smoothly and without excess friction. Make sure your oil has been changed recently as part of your car care month check-in. A mechanic can tell you how often your vehicle’s specific type of oil needs to be changed.

Check Out Your Tires

Ensure that your tires have enough tread to give them the traction they need to overcome difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions. Rotating and replacing your tires as needed will help you achieve this goal. You’ll also want to check that you have the correct level of tire pressure since the pressure can fluctuate due to the cold weather.

Top Off Your Fluid Levels

Coolant and other fluids are necessary for your vehicle to run correctly. You’ll also want an ample supply of de-icing fluid to get you through the cold months. This will help keep your view of the road ahead clear no matter what weather conditions you’re up against.

Get Service from Trusted Used Car Dealerships

If you need service during car care month or at any point, don’t take your vehicle to just any mechanic. Instead, look for a well-established, trustworthy dealership that hires skilled service professionals. This will ensure that the work performed on your vehicle is up to the highest level of quality.

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