Used car dealerships have witnessed tremendous change over the past few years, largely thanks to the digital revolution. Where the norm once was visiting used car lots in person to find your next vehicle, today’s shopper can make their whole car buying journey online.

The Digital Revolution: Seamless Online Shopping Experience

As the internet has evolved, so too have the services offered by dealerships. For most, the initial search for a used car for sale begins online, even if the final purchase is made in person. At Matthews Motors Wilmington, potential buyers can browse an extensive inventory of used cars in Wilmington right from our website.

Comprehensive Online Listings

We understand that online shoppers want detailed information, so each vehicle listing provides comprehensive details about the car’s features, history, and condition. High-quality photos from multiple angles allow shoppers to get a clear view of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Tailor Your Car Purchase with Popular Upgrades

Once you’ve set your heart on a vehicle, the “Buy Now” button ushers you into the next phase: customization. We offer a plethora of add-ons, from Extended Service Contracts and GAP Coverage to Prepaid Maintenance and Driver’s Armour, ensuring your investment stays protected. After picking the upgrades that mirror your preferences, the next step allows you to decide whether you’d prefer a complimentary delivery to your home or workplace.

Hassle-Free Trade-Ins

Making space for the new by parting ways with the old? You can do this online, too. Opt for the “Trade in a car” feature and provide the requisite information about your vehicle. Utilizing Kelley Blue Book data, we’ll get you an instant quote for your vehicle, which can be instantly applied to your purchase. If trading in isn’t on your agenda, simply click “No trade-in” to proceed.

Craft Your Payment Plan

Our intuitive Payment Calculator tool demystifies the payment process. Start by deciding whether you’d prefer to finance or pay the full amount up front. Then, adjust factors like Monthly Payments, Down Payment, Term Length, and Credit Score until you arrive at a comfortable payment plan. The subsequent steps involve entering personal, billing, income, and credit details. Once that’s complete, you’re ready to review the final cart.

Final Review and Purchase

In the last phase, you double-check your selected upgrades, the total financed amount, and your curated payment plan. Once everything appears in order, simply sign your name and finalize your order. We’ll receive your order details and kickstart the transaction process. Soon after, an email confirming your purchase will land in your inbox.

Ready to experience the future of car buying? Search the inventory at your used car dealership in Wilmington.