Shopping for a new vehicle can be tricky. Sometimes you struggle to find a car that can meet your basic needs. Other times, you find too many cars that seem to fit the bill. When you’re in the latter position, how are you supposed to wisely choose between two cars that both seem to have it all? Easy. You consult the guide below and, soon enough, you’ll be driving off the lot with the confidence you made the right choice.

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4 Ways to Compare Cars While Shopping

Compare Horsepower

Whether you’re a Sunday driver or a Daytona 500-wannabe, we all know where our vehicle’s power comes from: under the hood. A car whose engine contains tremendous horsepower not only benefits from increased acceleration, but also from increased torque which allows for better towing. However, it’s important to remember that vehicles with a high degree of horsepower also tend to have low fuel economies. So, if you’re often commuting long distances, a vehicle boasting a rip-roaring engine might not be the best choice for you. 

Compare Reliability Rankings

A vehicle’s reliability is naturally of key importance to consumers. Not only can a vehicle’s reliability greatly influence your overall satisfaction with your purchase, but it can also weigh heavily on the vehicle’s resale value. Luckily, there are a variety of tools you can use to compare and contrast between two vehicles’ reliability, including this tool from J.D. Power.

Compare Safety Systems

It’s become clear that consumers prioritize safety, and for good reason. Manufacturers have responded to this growing call from customers by stocking most newer models with safety systems that are equipped with smart, autonomous features. If having a vehicle that’s prepared to stop for you is important to you, then the choice between a model with older safety features and one with a fully-stocked safety suite suddenly becomes a lot clearer. 

Compare Fuel Economy 

Whether this is at the top of your list of factors to weigh, or the bottom, you should give serious consideration to the fuel economy of either vehicle you’re comparing. A poor fuel economy can lead to a much greater cost of ownership over the vehicle’s life while also using up more of Earth’s natural resources. To truly cut fuel costs, try and see if any of the vehicle’s you’re deciding between have hybrid or electric variations that fit your budget. 

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