There are plenty of good reasons to buy a new car, but why do so many car shoppers opt to purchase a used vehicle nowadays instead of a completely new one?


To get an idea of why 7 out of 10 consumers buy used cars instead of new ones, take a look at the used car shopping experience to see what makes it so appealing versus buying new.


Buying a Used Car

Let’s say your budget to buy a car is around $15,000. If you were buying a new car, your selection would be hugely limited. In fact, the cheapest new car of 2021 with an automatic transmission costs even more than that. However, on a used car lot, that same $15,000 budget could potentially put you in the driver’s seat of a luxury vehicle from the likes of Audi or BMW. Alternatively, you can get a bigger vehicle like a truck or SUV, or even upgraded trim options. 


But, before you decide on a make and model, you have the luxury of several years’ worth of ratings and reviews to help narrow down your choice. After all, that particular vehicle has probably been on the road for a while and has been driven by scores of people. When you buy a brand new car, you’re going in blind. 


Once you start your search, you’ll have several model years to choose from along with cars sporting different upgrades, accessories, and other customizations. 


Plus, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that certified pre-owned programs provide quality used cars which have passed rigorous inspections. They also come with warranties, roadside assistance, and various other consumer protections. 


When you finally drive off in your newly-purchased used car, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with not only lower monthly payments, but also lower insurance and registration fees. 


So to recap, that’s more car for your money, less money spent overall, a wider variety of models, and a proven track record coupled with certified pre-owned status. There’s plenty of reasons to buy used cars instead of new ones.


Buy Used Instead of New at Matthews Motors

Now that you have an idea of the used car shopping experience and what makes it so appealing, set your sights on the used car inventory at Matthews Motors in Wilmington, NC.


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