Your car has so much more to offer than mere transportation. Read this guide for a detailed look at three family-friendly car activities you can try this summer.

3 Kid-Approved Ways to Enjoy Your Car

Find a Drive-In Movie Theatre Near You

If you have little ones who are not yet old enough to sit quietly through a full-length movie in a cinema, then a drive-in movie theatre may be the perfect solution for you. While they are not as common as they used to be, chances are that with a bit of research you might find that you live close to one of these classic childhood staples.

All you need to do to enjoy this activity is pack the car with your favorite movie snacks and drinks, place a couple of extra blankets and toys in the back seat, and enjoy sharing a bit of your childhood with your kids.

Take Nap Time Elsewhere

Rather than sitting inside on a beautiful summer afternoon waiting for your little one to wake up from her nap, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon outdoors while your child sleeps soundly and safely in the car.

Find a quiet place like a state park or a beach where your little one can nap while your older children play independently outside. Open all the doors and windows to create a cool draft through the cabin. Recline the rear seats and lay out a blanket and pillow. Once your little one falls asleep, enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the front seat or on the tailgate watching your other children play.

Have a Family Car Wash

Washing your car with your kids is an excellent way to spend a hot and muggy day. While there are obvious benefits to teaching your kids how to wash a car, this also provides plenty of time to chat together and play in the water.

This is the activity that requires the least amount of preparation. All you need to do is find a hose, buckets, car-safe detergent, some sponges, and your favorite radio station.

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